Efficient And Risk Free Property Management For NRIs

Efficient And Risk Free Property Management For NRIs

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Non-Resident Indians or NRIs as we generally call them, love keeping in touch with their roots and family. There are many different ways in which they manage to have a close association with their motherland. The most common approach is where they buy or develop properties in their hometown and come down during long vacations to rejuvenate their cultural sensibilities and reconnect with their people.

Managing these elegant properties always poses as one of the biggest challenges for NRIs. It is difficult to control the quality of the maintenance that takes place while also securing the 24×7 security on the premises. Therefore, more often than not they leave these lavish properties with their relatives or friends. There are a mutual understanding and unspoken trust that they rely on. Who better than your own kin to look after something you dearly value?

This unspoken trust and mutual understanding are sometimes subject to previous misunderstandings that might arise due development of awkward situations where neither party can speak freely in case a problem related to the property. It is not easy to confront those you love about matters that are purely about business. Any misspoken work, an inappropriate tone as a result of anxiety or miscalculated action taken in an angry, yet temporary, spur of the moment, all can spiral quickly into an ugly situation that both the parties might regret for a lifetime.


So why spoil or risk such sensitive and valued relationships with family and friends over something of only monetary value? This where  – India’s exclusive rental management platform steps in. They offer certified, risk-free and hassle-free property management services that are nothing short of a blessing in disguise for all the NRIs that face a daily challenge of maintaining properties in India, of any given size.

Since NRIs now have a trusted third party taking care of their properties it is easier for them to express their concerns without fearing any personal loss. They can think logically and speak rationally without the emotions getting in the way. At Smartlivein they are entitled to other amazing features that increase their efficiency of long-distance property management.


Here are few of those following characteristics –

  • Personalized tenant finding

Tenants are found according to the owners’ requirements while taking verifying their identities and occupancy at the property is subject to their approval.

  • Property Visits / Inspections

The Smartlivein team will take it upon themselves to inspect and manage the property regularly so that there aren’t any issues. Or if there are any issues, they can be identified and rectified easily.

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