10 Steps to find a perfect home in Hyderabad

10 Steps to find a perfect home in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad has been declared to be India’s best city to live in. Not once, but twice in a row now. This cosmopolitan, and now the metro city is located at a strategic position towards the east of the southern peninsula with prominent cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune etc. all accessible through an overnight journey by road.

Therefore, if you have just been notified that you have to live here, all you have to do is look for a great place to begin your journey in this magnificent city of pearls. But settling down and finding the ideal place can be the trickiest part of moving to Hyderabad. But worry not, we have compiled 10 simple steps that you can follow to find yourself a beautiful place that you can turn into your home-sweet-home.

1. Search through the right platform

Usually, people always began their search for the right place even before they have stepped into the city. Even if they are planning to move from one part of the city to another, they start planning in advanced. But only calling up your friends in Hyderabad for suggestions isn’t enough. Get online and search for trusted sites that list out reliable accommodation according to the city, like Smartlivein.

2. Shortlist the areas of preference

Once you are on your trustworthy site, start researching the areas you could live. This will depend majorly on the proximity to your new office. However, it also depends on the quality of living in that area, the availability of resources and easy transportation access.

3. Identify your comfort level

The next thing that must be on your priority list is finalizing on the type of accommodation that you will feel the most comfortable in. Do you want an entire room or an apartment for yourself? Or are you the type that doesn’t mind compromises and is willing to share with other tenants?

4. Set a budget

This step goes without saying. Set a budget before you even start looking for a new place and strictly adhere to the stipulations you set for yourself. Do not engage in exuberant options that you know will be tough for you to maintain, because once you commit then there will be major issues that you will have to face.

5. Say no to brokerage

You are the one that’s searched online. You are the one that’s done the hard work of shortlisting desirable location and place. Why should you pay someone else to just show you the options that you already have in mind? Remember brokerage fees are pointless. Moreover, on dependable sites like Smartlivein, there is ZERO brokerage cost and any similar system of extracting money without reason is strongly objected.

6. Pay attention to amenities available

Fully furnished, semi-furnished or no furniture at all – these are the three basic choices of living spaces that you will come across. Apart from these, you need to see if any other facilities that you will be required are available or not. For example, if you own a vehicle parking will be an essential requirement.

7. Ensure security

Make sure all the properties you shortlist are not in shady areas, with a bad reputation. Make sure your options provide vital provisions to the tenants like security cameras and 24×7 security.

8. Get in touch

Now that you have a strong list of possibilities to explore, begin to finalize your choice by calling the owners or the tenants that are already living in that place. Re-confirm all the details that you saw online, as sometimes they are subject to change.

9. Compulsory site visit

After becoming familiar with the owners or the occupied tenants, now arrives a time to finally go and see your choices for yourself. It is not advisable to confirm your choice before you have seen the place with your own eyes. For this reason, companies like Smartlivein, ensure that you have visited the site before confirming the place online.

10. Pack. Get going.


If you follow these steps carefully, you will have nothing to worry about when you finally begin unpacking and living there.

Visit Smartlivein, India’s exclusive rental management portal and take your first step towards a happy life in the new city.

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